Photo By: Harrison Bahe

About Me:

My name is Max Huskins,

I'm an Artist, Camera Operator, AC, Photographer, Documentarian, Cinematographer, Actor, Content Creator, Designer, Traveler & Adventurer.

Currently residing in Portland,OR.

A more personal note about me: 

I was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to America as a teenager, which resulted in me being fluent in both Russian, Ukrainian and English. I'm a huge lover of the arts, especially fascinated by cinema. I have a deep passion and appreciation for the curiosity of the human mind. Some of my other hobbies and ventures include online video and social media presence, as well as traveling. I think we could all broaden our horizons through travel by immersing our selves in different cultures. I'm always seeking to find the thrill of adventure and to connect with new people around the world. My favourite thing is being able to share my thoughts, experiences and unique perspective on life through the lens of my camera. Life isn’t about the mundane routine but rather constantly pushing the creative boundaries, bettering each other and our surroundings. Also, most importantly to never stop dreaming and making those dreams a reality.


 Photo by: Ashlynn Patton

Photo by: Ashlynn Patton

I'm an award winning, published photographer with over a decade of experience in the field. With genres ranging from travel, adventure, photojournalism to political, events, portraits, conceptual, automotive, street photography and more.

Throughout my photography career some of my past projects include:

• Photo-Editor at NW Sports Photography
• Automotive Photographer at Mercedes-Benz
• Art-Manager, Photo Editor, Photographer, Reporter at “The Horizon” newspaper
• Assistant-Photographer for NBC
"M&R" Portrait Photography - Business Owner

My works have been featured in publications such as:

• National Geographic
Vogue Italia
• The Columbian
• Flickr "Explore"
• Mail Tribune
Delovoy Business Magazine


Currently focused on my career in the Film / Media industry, here are some projects I have worked on.


Netflix - American Vandal 2
Photo Double, Stand-In

Netflix - Everything Sucks!
Actor, Photo Double,  Stand-In, Production Assistant

Netflix - The OA
Stand-In, Photo Double

HBO - Here and Now
Production Assistant, Actor

FreeForm - Pretty Little Liars

IFC - Documentary Now!

IFC - Portlandia

Syfy - Z Nation

ABC - Staties
Location Scout

Paramount Network - Ink Master Angels


Untitled A24 Project
Stand-In / Assistant

"Here Awhile"
Production Assistant

"Woodstock or Bust"



Elephant Rescue in Nepal (Planting Peace)
Documentarian, Camera Operator, Photographer

Orphanages in India (Planting Peace)
Documentarian, Camera Operator, Photographer


Nike (DNA PDX)
Camera Assistant

Nature’s Path
Production Assistant

Quicken Loans
Production Assistant


HP (Hewlett Packard)

Other Projects:

"Seldom Sign" - Indie/Alt Band

Movie Critic
Max Watches Movies

Photography Instagram


To quote one of my favourite movies:

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.
— The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Available for work around the world.

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