Photo By: Ryan Quick

About Me:

My name is Max Huskins,

I was born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. When I was twelve my family and I moved to America, for the past seven years I have lived in Vancouver, WA. 

I am a nineteen years old, I started photography about seven years ago and it shifted from being a hobby to an occupation four years ago. Currently I am an award winning Freelancer Photographer with fields ranging from Travel/Adventure , Photojournalism, Street Photography to Political Photography, Events, Portraits and more.
I am also the photo editor for NW Sports Photography.

Throughout the past few years I've been a part of numerous things including:
Staff photographer, photo editor and a reporter at                                   The Horizon Newspaper for three years;
Assistant photographer for NBC;
Photo Editor at NW Sports Photography;
Portrait photography business owner, and many more.                                                            

My work has been featured by such publications as National Geographic, The Columbian, Slavic Business Magazine, and Flickr. 

I'm set to achieve all of my goals and dreams through photography and documenting the world around me. 

All photos on this website are Copyright © 2016 Max Huskins